Power Rangers Dino Charge (S22):


Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger (37)

Serien Zords:

Special Editions:


Dino Charge Megazord Limited Black Edition
Brave Kyoryuzin Set (Koreanisch)
Kyoryuzin Fullaction Dark
Kyoryuzin Fullaction
DX Western Combo Fullaction Ver (Kyoryuzin Western, September 2024)
Kung Fu Combo Fullaction Ver (Kyoryuzin Kung-Fu , September 2024)
Tobaspino Fullaction Ver (Spino DaiOH, November 2024)


Zord Builder:


- Dino Cycle and Red Ranger

- Dino Cycle and Black Ranger

- Dino Cycle and Blue Ranger

- Dino Cycle and Gold Ranger

- Dino Cycle and Graphite Ranger

- Deluxe Dino Charge Zord Armor Ranger

- Deluxe Mega Dino Zord Armor Ranger

- Deluxe Ptera Charge Zord Armor Ranger

- Legendary Zord Set